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AVO boasts arguably the leading and most comprehensive range of multimeters on the NZ market. We have a high quality meter selection for all Industry Groups.

Chose from the following categories that best fit your need then ask us today for a demonstration!

Residential Electrician

Residential Electrician lge

Faultman/Network Contractor

Faultman Network Contractor lge

Industrial Electrician/Inspector

Industrial Electrician Inspector



Specifically designed for the electrical engineer and profession electrician, this range of tough, high quality multimeters offers the perfects election of functions required. Useful innovations such as the high and low impedance switching allow a quick and safe method to identify capacitive coupled, ghost, voltage. The introduction of the dual sensitivity non-contact voltage detector helps you identify a live circuit at a distance and then to pinpoint the exact conductor or circuit.

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Appa iMeter5

Appa iMeter5

Our most popular budget model DMM!

Pocket multimeter. ac/dc V. ac/dc A Res. Cap. Hz. Digital

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APPA 507

APPA 507

Combined High End Digital Multimeter and Industrial Process Meter

The APPA507 combines a high end Digital Multimeter with an industrial Process Meter. Designed specifically for industrial electricians, instrumentation professionals and control engineers coupling a loop calibrator with the power of a digital Multimeter allows for unrivalled efficiencies during installation and testing. This is achieved by reducing the number of instruments needed onsite and reduced the amount of time spent trouble shooting issues by quickly allowing identification of separate issues between the instrumentation and controls.

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