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Multimeters for the Electronics Lab/Tertiary Institute lab/Research Institute

TTi 1604

40,000 Count LED Bench Multimeter

Providing the obvious entry point in advanced DMM’s for the budget-conscious lab environments from tertiary environments to the electronics professionals, the Thurlby-Thandar (TTi) model 1604 is a 40,000 count auto/manual ranging bench multi-meter that offers a very tidy range of features for its modest outlay. It offers 4¾ digit (40,000 count) scale length via a large and bright LED display, true RMS ac measurements, a basic accuracy of 0.08% and a resolution of 10μV, 10m Ohm and 0.1μA, all as you would expect.

  • Accuracy 0.08%; resolution 10μV, 10mΩ and 0.1μA
  • Large and bright LED display; ac line operation
  • True RMS ac functions; wide ac bandwidth
  • Frequency measurement; audible continuity; diode test
  • Relative, T-Hold and Min-Max functions included
  • Isolated RS-232 interface as standard

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TTi 1705

Dual Measurement LCD Bench Multimeter

In this category of multi-meter use, every option simply has to exceed the capability of the hand-held packages.  The highly respected, popular, and well-priced Thurlby-Thandar (TTi) model 1705 does not disappoint in this regard!  In essence it is a 4¼ digit meter with a scale length of 12,000 counts and a resolution of 10μV, 10mOhm, and 0.1μA.

Combined with a high basic dcV accuracy of 0.04%, it provides measurements that are an order of magnitude better than most hand-held DMM’s!  Mains or battery operated, a great feature in this environment, the 1705 can measure and display two signals simultaneously. These can be two parameters of one signal (e.g. ac volts & dc volts) or two signals applied to different sockets (e.g. ac volts & ac current).

Naturally it is packed with features, listed below, but other very handy highlights include % deviation, limits comparisons, power measurement in Watts or VA, and a ‘tracking hold’ feature to capture stable readings in widely-varying data environments.  Perusing the features below, the ITTI 1705 is the clear choice for the lab that really still wants the best of capabilities in a single package without stretching the budget:

  • High performance 12,000 count auto ranging DMM
  • High accuracy and resolution: 0.04%, 10μV, 10m
  • Dual display and dual measurement technology
  • Large and clear LCD (17mm digits) with annunciators
  • True RMS ac functions; Frequency and Capacitance
  • Wide range of computing functions, e.g. Ax + b
  • 100 step data-logger, timed or triggered logging
  • RS232 interface standard, GPIB interface optional
  • Mains and battery operation as standard

pdf-iconData Sheet

TTi 1906

5.5 Digit LED Bench Multimeter

Without doubt the Thurlby-Thandar model TTi 1906 is the ultimate choice for the most advanced needs of any lab in this industry sector yet it comes at a price that will impress anyone!

Essentially the 1906 is a true 51/2 digit meter with a scale length of ± 210,000 counts. This gives it not just superior resolution relative to 41/2 digit meters, but much higher effective accuracy as well. Over a range of voltages, the 1906 is around four times more accurate than a typical 41/2 digit meter.

Not only that but with a maximum resolution of 1 mV, 1m Ohm, and 1nA, the 1906 is ten times more sensitive than a 41/2 digit meter. This extra sensitivity enables accurate measurements to be made in areas previously impossible such as thermocouple junctions, switch contact resistance or capacitor leakages.

The 1906 can store up to six front panel set-ups in non-volatile memory. In addition to the range and function each set-up defines the active computing or logging functions along with their parameters. This facility is particularly valuable when similar tests need to be repeated at intervals.  The amazing range of capabilities below leaves no doubt at all as to the place of the 1906 as the leading contender for the best possible multi-meter option in this category of our users:

  • 5 ½ digit scale length ( 210,000 counts)
  • 0.012% basic one year accuracy
  • 1uV, 1m and 1nA resolution, 4 terminal Ohms
  • Full automatic or manual ranging
  • True RMS ac functions, wide ac bandwidth
  • Full set of current ranges from 200μA to 10A
  • Wide range of computing and data logger functions
  • Fully programmable by RS-232 or GPIB interfaces

pdf-iconData Sheet

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