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+64 3 348 5999 (Int)

TTi EL-R Series

Precision dc bench power supplies - Linear Regulation. 30W to 130W Linear, Single, Dual & Triple Output. Model Range: EL301R - 30V/1A, EL302R - 30V/2A, EL303R - 30V/3A, EL183R - 18V/3.3A, EL561R - 56V/1.1A, EL155R - 15V/5A, EL302RD - 30V/2A Dual, EL302RT - 30V/2A Triple.

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TTi QL-P Series

Precision bus programmable dc power supplies. 105W to 215W, High Precision, Linear, GPIB, RS-232 & USB interfaces. Model Range: QL355P - 35V/5A*, QL564P - 56V/4A*, QL355TP - 35V/5A* Triple. [* Multi-range - max. voltage and current not available together]

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TTi EX-R Series

Precision dc bench power supplies - Mixed-mode Regulation. 175W to 420W, Single, Dual & Triple Output. EX355R - 35V/5A, EX1810R - 18V/10A, EX4210R - 42V/10A, EX2020R - 20V/20A, EX354RD - 35V/4A Dual, EX354RT - 35V/4A Triple.

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TTi TSX-P Series

High power bus programmable dc power supplies. 350W/360W Single Output. Model Range: TSX1820P - 18V/20A, TSX3510P - 35V/10A

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TTi EX752M

Higher voltage dual dc bench power supply - Mixed-mode Regulation. 300W Multi-mode Dual - 75V/150V

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TTi PL-P Series

Remote control dc bench power supplies with USB, RS232 and LAN (LXI) interfaces. 75W to 180W, Precision, Linear, Single and Dual Output. Model Range: PL155-P - 15V/5A, PL303-P - 30V/3A, PL601-P - 60V/1.5A, PL303QMD-P - 30V/3A Dual versions with GPIB interface have a (G) suffix e.g. PL155-P(G)

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TTi PL Series 2

Precision dc bench power supplies.New PL Series - 75W to 180W, Precision, Linear, True Analog Control, Single and Dual Output. Model Range: PL155 - 15V/5A, PL303 - 30V/3A, PL601 - 60V/1.5A, PL303QMD - 30V/3A Dual

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