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SF6 Leak Detection Monitors

LumaSense Technologies SF6 Leak Detector

LumaSense Technologies SF6 Leak Detector
  • SF6 leak detection monitor for indoor sites
  • Unmatched combination of performance & convenience
  • Monitors up to 24 channels to cover larger rooms
  • Reliable photo-acoustic chemical sensor issues!
  • Low detection limits of 6ppb & high stability
  • Leading technology option for SF6 leak detection to Cigre Tightness Guide 430
  • A must for all larger transmission companies

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INCON Optimiser OM2

INCON Optimiser OM2

Arguably the most timely release of the year, given the SF6 carbon tax legislation and generally heightened SF6 gas leak management awareness, the OPTImizer2 is an On-Line Circuit Breaker Performance and SF6 Gas Density Monitor that is used for implementing predictive maintenance, maintenance deferral, just-in-time (JIT) maintenance and environmental protection. This intelligent electronic device (IED) monitors the condition of the main contacts, mechanism and dielectric and logs the following information during CB operation:

  • Trip Time (mS) (also known as Opening Time)
  • Arc duration (mS) (phase segregated) • Clearing Time (mS) (also known as Interrupting Time)
  • Cumulative I2 x T or I x T on the main contacts (phase segregated) from arcing
  • Restrike Occurrence (phase segregated)
  • Mechanism opening travel time (mS)
  • Mechanism closing travel time (mS)
  • Operation Counts

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