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CoroCAM 8

CoroCAM 8

The CoroCAM 8® is a combined thermal IR, solar blind corona and video camera. It features a high spec Sony visible camera, a radiometric FLIR thermal IR camera and a solar blind UV camera. The CoroCAM 8® is intended for use by professional HV inspectors. The combination of these 3 cameras makes it possible to do both thermal IR and UV inspections at the same time, saving time and e ort. Co-location of electrical discharges and hot spots give the inspector more insight into the cause of a fault. The CoroCAM 8® can be used to inspect HV infrastructure operating at 3.3kV and above.


  • A high sensitivity UV detector, which can detect UVc light at 2.05x10-18 W/ cm2, this allows for the detection of the smallest corona discharges
  • A 9Hz FLIR Radiometric IR camera module with a sensitivity of NEdT <62.5mK delivering images at 640 x 480 pixel resolution
  • Syncronised Smooth Zoom of all 3 camera channels. IR & UV channels are zoomed digitally, visible is zoomed optically
  • Manual or Auto focus for Visible and IR channels, UV channel has manual focus or can be synchronized with either Visible or IR channel
  • Onboard still image and video recording in high quality formats
  • A 5.7" viewable area, robustly mounted, variable angle, colour LED backlit LCD display with 640x480 pixels resolution optimised for use in full daylight makes for easy inspection
  • Manual or Auto brightness control for LCD display
  • A xed angle focusable view nder with 800x600 pixel resolution
  • Fast set up & boot up avoids the need for power saving modes
  • The On Screen Display (OSD) shows all the relevant information
  • Rotational handle (right hand only) with primary interface keys
  • Easy operation of the camera with one hand via a multifunction keypad
  • Access speci c functions with Quick keys on the left side of the camera
  • Manual or Auto Exposure of Visible, UV (Gain) and IR (Level) cameras
  • Integrated GPS with internal and complimentary external booster antenna
  • Meta data recording of camera settings and measurement plus environmental variables manually entered - distance, air temperature, air pressure, ambient humidity and wind speed
  • Freely resizable and positionable UV Intensity sampling box
  • UV overlay colors has 6 pre-sets or 255 selectable hue levels
  • UV overlay translucency control
  • UV threshold and Integration control
  • 15 IR color palettes with contrasting Isotherms
  • Auto or Manual IR Span
  • Laser pointer and integrated LED Flashlight
  • Camera software update via download to SD card
  • Ethernet and USB port for media download or remote control
  • A 15 Month warranty

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Founding Director, Trevor Lord, using one of the new CC8 cameras at IEEE Chicago April 2014.  “What a huge amount of unique and leading-edge technology packed into a 2.5 kg enclosure!  This camera is simply going to revolutionise lines and insulator management practices”, remarked an excited Mr Lord when first viewing the world through the CC8 for the first time.


Mr Lord is shown the features of the CC8 by UVIRCO’s International Sales Director, Riaan Rossouw.


pdf-iconCoroCAM 8 Brochure


NEW…CoroCAM 8 UAV, a dedicated version of the CoroCAM 8 portable camera specially made for operation with UAV patforms

CoroCAM 8 UVAC Module presentation ...