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Voltage Indicators


Combined Voltage Detector and Phase Rotation Indicator

The APPA VP-2 combines a high functioning volt stick with a RED/GREEN phase rotation indication. The voltstick flashes more quickly the stronger the voltage signal, simplifying live voltage identification in a crowded circuit board or cable run.

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Megger VF3

AC Voltage Detector

The Megger VF3 Voltage detector is a compact pen-style instrument to identify the presence of live AC voltages from 90 V to 600 V at 50 or 60 Hz. Voltage is capacitively detected, signalled on the VF3 by the illumination of a bright red LED situated within the white nylon tip. The VF3 has the additional feature of an audible warning device actuated simultaneously to the red LED.

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Non contact voltage detector 50

The LVD-15 non-contact Voltage Detector is intended to check for the presence of AC voltage, signaling the user with an
intermittent tone and a flashing LED. The non-contact Voltage Detector is used to detect voltage in outlets, lighting fixtures, circuit breakers, wires, and cables or to find a break in a wire.

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