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Wildlife Outage Protection Products

KADDAS: The leading choice for all your wildlife protection needs!

Innovative solutions for all line assets

  • Comprehensive options
  • Excellent application support and assistance
  • Simply attached
  • A lasting solution
  • The cost-effective solution to all wildlife outage issues!
KADDAS BirdguarD™ materials are proprietary and carry the highest standards in the industry:
  • IEEE & ASTM Tested and rated up to 72kV
  • UV Resistant
  • Fire and Flame Resistant – Material Will Not Support Combustion & is Self-Extinguishing
  • Easily Installed and Reusable for Routine Maintenance
  • BirdguarD™ material will not flame drip – mitigating cause for secondary fires

pdf iconBenefits of working with Kaddas BirdguarD™

pdf iconPolymer solutions versus sheet metal, aluminum or fiberglass (FRP)

BirdguarD™ Arrester Covers

KADDAS ArresterCaps 2018 2

Brochure ...

BirdguarD™ Bolt Covers

KADDAS Bolt 2018 2

Brochure ...

BirdguarD™ Bushing Terminal Covers

KADDAS BushingTerm 2018 9

Brochure ...

BirdguarD™ Cutout Switch Covers

KADDAS CutoutSwitch 1017 2018 2

Brochure ...

BirdguarD™ Dead End Covers

KADDAS DeadEnd 2018 2

Brochure ...

BirdguarD™ Line Protectors

KADDAS Line 0118 2018 2

Brochure ...

BirdguarD™ Perch Deterrent

KADDAS PerchDeter 2018 2

Brochure ...

BirdguarD™ Pole Cap & Top Covers

KADDAS PoleCapTop 2018 2

Brochure ...

Kaddas Enterprises celebrates 50 years of forming innovative solutions 1966-2016

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eCATALOG BirdguarD-6

eCATALOG BirdguarD-7

eCATALOG BirdguarD-29

eCATALOG BirdguarD-42

eCATALOG BirdguarD-59

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